Spinach Brownies

spinach brownies

Spinach brownies? SPINACH BROWNIES? Yeah, I had to do a double take when I saw the recipe. I knew that I HAD to make this. Nope, its not a chocolate brownie with spinach. Its Quiche-like, and it sounds healthy only if you omit the bacon. A good way for people who don’t eat their greens to eat them.


Shark’s Fin Melon Soup


I love Shark’s fin melon soup- healthy, delicious and the best thing of all, no sharks were harmed during the making of it! I grew up eating this, and the other shark’s fin melon soup recipes I find online are of the clear, ‘cucumber’ boiled type of soups.. so this is probably something different πŸ™‚


Maltesers Brownies

maltesers brownies

One weekend, I wanted to make something for my friend’s kids so I was on the mission to find something kid-friendly and simple as Rae and I had to bake two items that night and fight for oven space. Wanted to make brownies but refused to make the normal brownies and after much bloghopping, I found this recipe on MyBakingAddiction– a treasure full of yummy baking recipes! πŸ˜€ The original recipe required the use of Snickers bars but I’m not a big fan of it, so I substituted it with Maltesers.


Yum Woon Sen (Thai Glass Noodle Salad)


First post on Ningified! I hope starting this food blog will be an encouragement to others and also to myself to have fun creating delish food and that good food can be easy to make too! πŸ™‚

I’ve still got a long way to go to being able to create my own recipes, but till I reach that stage, I shall continue to hone my cooking/baking skills by testing out recipes from amazing food bloggers out there :p

It’s Spring in Brisbane but really, it never feels likeΒ  Spring at all because the sun’s so hot in the Sunshine State! Perfect time to make Yum Woon Sen, a Thai glass noodle salad. Had a friend, Shi-ying over and we decided to make this as we were having too many big dinners in a week and needed something simple and easy. Friends who know me well know that I LOVE Thai food. I adore street food, I think there’s just that distinct taste that can’t be replicated in fancy restaurants.