It’s been a long time since I posted something here. Had a pretty amazing summer, where many things which i had expected to do didn’t happen, and what I didn’t expect to came falling into my basket. Very blessed with the travels to Saigon, Batam and the sudden one week back to Brissy, and I can’t believe that three months just whizzed past like that.


Matcha cupcake with red bean filling

green tea cupcake


I love green tea. There is only one reason why I visit Starbucks in Brisbane- Green Tea Frap! I find better and cheaper coffee at other cafes, and it’s the only drink I order apart from its Christmas specials 🙂 Have I mentioned that I love green tea?

One of the weekends, I was itching to make something that wasn’t chocolate.. and came across this Basic Green Tea cupcake recipe from Betty’s Bites. To add on, I had all the ingredients at home and need not make the trip down to the supermarket to get them (a first!).. It was a sign that I had to make it then.


Like how peanut butter and jelly goes well together, so does red bean and green tea! I added the red bean paste in the cupcakes, and it turned out soooo good! This is one healthier cupcake that you don’t have to feel guilty eating :p

Spinach Brownies

spinach brownies

Spinach brownies? SPINACH BROWNIES? Yeah, I had to do a double take when I saw the recipe. I knew that I HAD to make this. Nope, its not a chocolate brownie with spinach. Its Quiche-like, and it sounds healthy only if you omit the bacon. A good way for people who don’t eat their greens to eat them.


Maltesers Brownies

maltesers brownies

One weekend, I wanted to make something for my friend’s kids so I was on the mission to find something kid-friendly and simple as Rae and I had to bake two items that night and fight for oven space. Wanted to make brownies but refused to make the normal brownies and after much bloghopping, I found this recipe on MyBakingAddiction– a treasure full of yummy baking recipes! 😀 The original recipe required the use of Snickers bars but I’m not a big fan of it, so I substituted it with Maltesers.